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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I was 27 when this happened to me. I was born and raised in a city not really too far from Manila. I cannot forget that experience. It was something sweet, tender and in a world of make beliefs, it was very real. Isa akong insomniac, mahirap makahanap ng antok kapag gabi. Kahit naiisin ko mang matulog ng maaga, kasi 7:00AM ang pasok ko sa trabaho, hindi ko kaya. Matagal ko na itong problema, mula pa ng college na nag-aaral ako sa isang kilalang Universidad sa Manila. Marahil nga ay doon ko ito nakuha dahil sa pagpupuyat sa paghabol ng mga requirements. Sa mahabang gabi na ako’y nakahiga sa kama, pilit na nagpapa-antok ay naging constant companion ko ang TV. Kapag naka-cable ka kasi 24 hours ang mga palabas, HBO, Cinemax, etc. So, one night, I was channel surfing when I accidentally switched the channel to a chat TV. I saw several entries posting their cel numbers, hoping they could hook up with somebody else. There are some girls looking for boys, boys looking for girls and there are guys looking for other guys. Wow, I said to myself, parang treasure box, ang daming numbers to choose from. 2:00AM na ang dami pang nagcha-chat, gising na gising ang mga taong ito. So I scanned every message that rolled up the screen and one particular post caught my attention. The sender seemed to be unsure and hesitant, looking for an older guy around 28-30, I didn’t even know if the sender was a guy or a gal. But the posted message really blew my head off and soon my curiosity got over me. I took my cel and punched in the digits. I was not sure what to type in, kaya medyo nagbago ang isip ko, so I stored it in my phonebook instead. I continued watching and as I read all those messages, it occurred to me that the Philippines I used to know wasn’t exactly what it was when I was young. She is no longer innocent, where sexuality is something to be hidden inside a closet, sex’s done inside the bedroom between married couples and are not supposed to be discussed with somebody else much more with the public. Ang daming pagbabago, at lahat ng mga ito ay nabago na rin. Nagising ako sa tunog ng alarm clock ko, 6:00AM na pala. 3 hours of sleep is good enough compared to no sleep at all, nakatulugan ko na naman pala ang panood ng TV. Dali-dali kong kinuha ang cel ko at hinanap ang number, andun pa rin. Like it’s going to expire after an hour and be deleted, I told myself. Naligo ako ng mabilis, nagbihis at kumain ng cereals for breakfast. Pero habang ginagawa ko ang lahat ng ito, ginugulo ang isipan ko ng number na nasa phonebook ko. I took the bunch of keys on top of my drawer, put on my watch, got my suitcase and, ummm, did I forget anything? Ah, my cellphone, cant forget my cellphone. While I was driving, I cant get the numbers out of my head. Actually, hanggang ngayon after 5 years I can still remember every digit, 918-465-****. So to get it over with I sent a text message. “Hi, I got ur # fr d chat TV. I was 1dring f we cud b frends.” I don’t know what else to say, so I sent it like that. 5 mins later I reached my office but there was still no response. Naasar ako, ginago yata ako, I seldom give out my number kasi. 8:30AM na and I managed to get my head straight and was able to concentrate, thanks to those piles of paper works left by my technical team the night before. Nagulat ako when suddenly my cel beeped. It’s unusual for me to get calls or text messages this early kasi yung counterpart ko sa Manila does not start working until 9:00am. When I looked, the screen showed THE number, “Hi, sori now lng me rply. It was 2 early wen u txtd nd I was stil sliping den. NASL pls.” says the message. Once again, my mind went on chaos. I really don’t know how and what to respond. “Sori f I txd u a lil erly dis am. I saw ur # fr chat tv lst nyt nd I 1nt 2 b ur frend.” I’m not sure if I wanted to give out my name, being afraid and all, but I finally added, “Bob, m, 27, arnd d vcnity of *&^%$$% (for the sake of anonymity I can’t divulge my location, sorry). Wat abt urs?” I texted back. Now I cant go back to work so I went to the filing room, carrying some file folders with me so they’d think that I’m going there to do something. “Ken, m, 22, &*$%^ (again for the same reason), how r u? Wat r u doing? M @ work, jst abt 2 do my stuff 4 d day.” “U’re a guy?” “Yup, disapointd? F u’re xpectng a girl, m sori. It’s nice txtng wid u nways. Hav a gud day.” Medyo napahiya yata ako dun ah. Hindi naman niya kasalanan yun, I just assumed that, well, actually it didn’t occur to me that I needed a girl or a guy. I was just intrigued by the message posted on the chat room. “No, it’s ok. M sori f I assumed dat u’re a gal. U sed u’re luking 4 sum1 bet 28-30, is my age k wid u?” “Ok I gez, as long as u’re matured nd responsible. M not out u know and d rison I’m luking for older guys is dat dey can handle thngs beter, maturely.” This is perfect, I thought, he’s not efem, again I assumed. I’m discreet as well so I don’t have to worry about his getting all so demanding and showy, someone I can be with in public and not worry about being suspected as gay or bi or whatever. “M discreet as wel, so don’t wori abt me being vulgar. I also assumed dat u’re not efem.? “U-huh.” Was his only reply. Then my cel rang, I looked at my watch, 9:15 na pala. Nawili ako sa kaka-text namin. It was my Manila counterpart and the job really has to begin at this point. I answered the call and said that I will go online now for file consolidation and transfer, usual stuff. I just asked him to give me 5 minutes. I then sent an SMS to Ken, “Hey, listen. I hav 2 go bak 2 work. I hav stuff 2 finish by noon 2day,hope u dnt mind. Do u hav lndlyn # u cud giv me so I can call u?” “It’s ok, I hav 2 start working as well. Bye, l8r” was his response plus his home and office number (which I cant show here). Haaaay, ang haba ng araw ko, it’s already past 6PM and until now hindi pa dumarating yung technical team ko to provide me the details I needed to finish my report. My cel rang and when I looked at it Ken’s name was showing, so I answered while heading back to the filing room to have more privacy. “Pasensya ka na at tumawag ako. I just got home and I want to know if you’re free tonight. It’s a Thursday night I know kaya lang excited kasi akong ma-meet ka eh.” He said. “Okay lang na tumawag ka, tapos naman na ang bulk ng load ko eh. I was just waiting for some details to completely finish this one out.” My reply. “O bakit di mo sinagot yung tanong ko about us meeting tonight?” Hesitant ako, actually takot and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Ang tagal kong tinago yung sikreto ko tapos isang gabi lang tulad nito ay baka sumabog ang lahat ng iyon. “Ah, do you think it’s a good idea? I mean, we really don’t know each other. We just exchanged SMSs this morning.” “Kaya nga, we don’t know each other so it would a great idea to meet up and know each other better, di ba? Alam ko kung bakit ayaw mo. Like I said this morning, I’m not out and definitely not efem so you don’t have to worry about us blowing your cover. Takot din ako kaya lang when you said that you are discreet, I thought that my secret’s safe with you. I’m taking a leap of faith here.” “Hey, who said that I’m afraid? Well, actually tama ka. Tama ka sa lahat ng sinabi mo. Okay, I’m going to take the leap of faith as well. Where do you want to meet and what time?” At this point I heard the front door opened and lots of talking that go with it. Haaay, nandito na rin ang hinihintay ko, I told myself. “Is 8:00 fine with you? Sa may coffee shop sa Lot.” I figured that I have 30 minutes to finish up what I’m doing, 15 mins driving home, 30 mins preparing myself and 15 mins driving to our rendevous. “Ang tagal naman what about 7:00? At pwede bang sa Mami house sa likod noon kasi mas konti ang tao dun eh. I’ll be wearing basic white and blue and gray baseball cap.” “7:00? Eh 45 mins na lang yun ah. Kelangan ko pang umuwi at maligo.” “Huwag na, ako lang naman ang ime-meet mo eh. Sige na, I’m sure mabango ka pa rin naman after 12 hours of work.” And he chuckled a little. “Kidding aside, sige na payag ka na ng 7:00, don’t worry about not taking a bath and changing clothes. I can accept you for who you are.” Tama naman, I was working in an air conditioned office and just did paper works the whole day, so…“well, sige. 7:00 PM sa Mami house sa likod ng coffee shop.” “I cant wait. See you later babe.” Babe? He called me babe? Ang cute, I thought. “Bye, later.” I went outside of the filing room and went straight to my desk, andun na yung papers na hinihintay ko.. I rammed through them, arranged them and started typing with my computer. After I finished doing my report I called my counterpart and told him that I am still online and we can finish up our paper works for the day. He said to send my files and he’ll send his too so we can consolidate and REALLY finish up the day’s work. That we did, I printed a copy, signed what’s needed to be signed, made 4 copies of it and placed them on my supervisor’s desk. Ahhhhh, tapos na rin sa wakas. That would give me, I looked at the clock and realized that I have 15 mins to get there. That’s perfect. So I turned off my laptop, cleared out my desk, taking off my tie as I head towards the door. I walked towards my car and started my engine, revved it a couple of times and head off to the Lot. I was 3 mins early so I parked my car at a not-so-dark spot across but not too far from the restaurant, turned off the engine and just sit there. I was far enough not to get any attention from anyone I know and yet close enough to see what’s going on inside. I watched people come in and out of the restaurant. Not much, he was right, that was a better place to meet up than the coffee shop I earlier suggested. I might be safe with this guy, I thought. Exactly 8:00 a motorbike with a loud engine parked beside my car.
Nice bike I thought, Honda 1500cc engine, black, chrome wheels. Ang pogi ng motor na ito ah, the one I dreamt of owning one day. I didn’t notice the driver, not until he took off his black jacket and helmet. The guy was wearing a basic white and blue and then he put on a gray baseball cap. Could this be him? He didn’t notice me because my car windows were rolled up and they’re tinted. I took my cel from my pocket and called his number, I didn’t hear any ring from this guy. Baka hindi siya, na-disappint ako. Pero on the third ring may kinapa siya sa back pocket niya. It turned out that it was in silent mode and set in vibe. “Hello, Bob? Late ba ako? Sorry ha, nandito…” he was cut short when I rolled down my car window and he saw me on the phone looking and smiling at him. He smiled back. He has the most beautiful smile, a pair of full lips and, oh, my weakness, a set of perfectly white teeth. He’s fit, you could almost see his rippling abs hugged by his tight white cotton shirt. Another weakness, clean haircut and no facial hair, although you can see that he only shaved them a couple of days ago, they’re starting to grow back. Bagay na bagay siya sa bike nya, although not bulky, he’s so ruggedly handsome. I smiled back at him and said hi. “No, you’re not late. Look at your watch, you’re just in time.” Then we both realized that we’re still talking on the phone and we both laughed. I hang up my cel and so did he. I invited him to come inside my car and without hesitation, he walked a round the front of my car, opened the door and hopped in. “Hi again, I’m Bob” sabay abot ng kamay ko sa kanya. “Hi Bob, Ken. Kanina ka pa ba?”“Hindi, actually kakadating ko rin lang.. Ayaw ko lang na maghintay doon sa loob na mag-isa kasi wala pa akong nakita na nandoon na nakasoot ng idiniscribe mo.”“Sabagay. Nice car, modelo?” tanong niya.“Oo. Nice bike. I’ve been dreaming of having one. Ewan ko lang bakit hanggang pangarap lang ako. Looks powerful, bagay na bagay sa iyo.” Siryosong comment ko.”1500cc, what do you think? You want to take it for a spin?” tanong niya sa akin.“Are you joking? Kung ako yan ni lamok hindi pwedeng dumapo. And besides, I only have restriction 2.” Ang tugon ko naman.“So? Hindi naman yun ang tanong ko eh. Ang tanong ko ay kung gusto mong i-drive.”“Siyempre.”“Tara. Punta tayo IP para walang tao, walang pulis, walang ilaw, hehe. Joke lang.”“O sige, I’ll meet you there.”“Hindi. Iwan mo na ang kotse mo dito then i-drive mo bike ko. Angkas ako sa iyo.”I cant believe this guy, masyadong magtiwala. Hindi naman niya alam kung talangang marunong akong mag-motor. Well, I can but the thing is takot ako dahil nga wala akong lisensya..“O, bakit ayaw mong gumalaw dyan? Ayaw mo ba o gusto mo?”“Gusto,” sabay bukas ng pinto ng kotse, “tara na, it’s biking time.”“That’s more like it,” he then jumped out of the car and slammed the door after him.“Where’s the seatbelt?” pabiro kong tanong, hindi ko alam na sisiryosohin niya ang tanong ko na iyon.“Ito” spreading his arms wide. “This is your helmet.” Sumakay na ako, sinuot ko ang helmet ko, he’s at safe distance naman kaya okay na rin. Pinadyak ko na at umarangkada na ako. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam. Ang malamig na hampas ng hangin sa akin katawan. Naka long-sleeved polo lang ako at walang jacket, unlike Ken, kaya ramdam ko ang malamig na hangin sa akin katawan. Madilim na at walang sasakyan sa kalsada, wala ring tao na naglalakad kaya biglang gulat ko ng may isinigaw sa aking tenga si Ken. “Like I promised, here’s your seatbelt. Now buckle up” sabay yakap sa aking baywang at ang kanyang mga kamay ay halos nakadikit na sa aking titi. Ipinatong niya ang kanyang baba sa aking kanang balikat. Kakaibang koryente ang dumaloy sa aking katawan, libog na di ko mawari. Para yatang di ko na nararamdam ang lamig ng hangin sa aking paligid, at dahil dito ay unti-unting tumigas ang titi ko. Naramdaman yata ni Ken ang pagtigas ng ari ko kasi dahan-dahan niyang hinimas ito. Naka-wool dress pants ako akaya ramdam ko ang int ng kamay ni Ken. Kaya naman lalo akong nalibugan at siya naming dahilan na maghumindig ang ari ko. Muntik na nga akong mawalan ng balance buti nalang at nabawi ko agad. Libog na rin siguro si Ken kasi ramdam ko sa aking likuran ang pagtigas ng titi niya. Dahil dito ay nagdesisyon ako na huwag nang pumunta ng IP at ideretso ko na lang sa aking pad. Mukhang nakatunog si Ken sa plano ko kasi di siya kumibo nang lagpasan ko ang gate papuntang IP. Remember the saying “The greatest pleasure is the pleasure of anticipation”? Napatunayan ko ito noong gabing iyon, di kalayuan ang pad ko but it seemed like eternity to reach it. At last, we reached my place. “Pasensya ka na at di na kita tinanong kung gusto mong dumaan sa pad ko. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to go upstairs with me” ang kaagad kong sinabi pag-alis na pag-alis ko ng helmet ko. “Are you kidding me? I knew what you’re up to the moment you went passed the IP gate. Did I say anything? No, kasi I like you. Buti na nga lang dt ditto mo ako dinala at hindi sa motel kasi hinding-hindi mo ako mapapapasok doon. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I don’t usually do this on my first date but there’s something about you that makes me wanna do it.” Whether it was true or not, I don’t care. He’s going up with me, that’s all I care. I smiled, took his hand, opened my door and led him through it. We went upstairs and turned on the lights. “May I use your CR?” tanong niya.“Sure, dito.” We’re still holding hands while I led him to the washroom. I turned off the light while turning on the TV and sat in my recliner. A few moments later he came out of the washroom. He went straight to where I was and reached for my legs, parted them and sat in front of me. He leaned back until his whole body was resting against mine. “Hug me babe, please” he said, which I did. He rested his head on my right shoulder while he gently run his left hand up and down my right arm. I still have my hard on all this time and I cant hold on much longer. I’m in such heat and needed to kiss him so I took his chin and turned his face towards mine and kissed him. Soft and gently at first, testing the waters. He didn’t say or did anything to stop it, instead he opened his mouth and kissed me back. I let my tongue out of my mouth and tried to feel his. Our tongues met and played with each other. What a sensation. He stood up a little, just enough to turn his whole body face me. But never in this span of time did his lips leave mine. Now he’s on top of me, his hands were in either side of my head and mine were around his hips, moving up and down his body and sometimes pulling his butt so his hips would press hard on mine. He unbuttoned my polo one by one, we were still kissing. When he undid all my buttons he whispered something to me, “Relax, ako ang bahala sa iyo. Just enjoy the ride, I’ll give you something you never experienced before.” And with that he gave me one long wet kiss then his lips went down my neck, stayed there for a moment and then continue on downwards to my chest. He kissed my left nipple, I cant say anything but moan. He kissed and sucked and licked and then kissed again my nip, going from one to another. I’m wet with his saliva but there’s no stopping him, I know I don’t want him to. He further went down to my tummy and played with the line of thick black hair there. Kissing my belly button and even inserted his tongue in it. I loved it, I love everything he was doing to me. He then started to unbuckle my belt but hesitated and looked at me. I just smiled at him, ran my fingers through his hair and brushed his cheeks with the back of my hand. He probably understood what I meant because he went on undoing my belt. He unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly. Now my stiff manhood was only covered with a thin sheet of white cotton jockey shorts. He kissed my covered cock, firmly. He pulled down my pants and took them off entirely, I am now nude with only jockey shorts and socks. I pulled him upwards towards my face and kissed him again and while doing that, I was trying to take his shirt off. He just lifted his arms so I can get it off easily. He then unbuckled his belts, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly and using his feet he took them all together. Now both of us were just wearing our undies and socks. He sat on my lap, his hands pressed against my chest. I put mine under his briefs so I could knead his firm, cute, bubble butt, spreading them apart with each stroke. Again he slowly lowered his kiss, on my neck, on my chest, my tummy and stayed there for a while. He bit the garter of my jock and pulled it down, slowly.. I lifted my butt off the chair so it would easily slide off. He then took it and put it in his face and smelled it, “Hmmm, manly” was all he said. Hinawakan niya ng dalawang kamay ang titi ko, medyo basa ang pinaka-ulo nito dahil sa sobrang libog ko ay nag-precum ako. Dinilaan niya ito Hinimas niya dahan-dahan, pataas at pababa habang nasa mga labi niya ang ulo ng titi ko, parang sanggol na sumususo at nilalaro naman ng isa pa niyang kamay ang bayag ko. Nakakakiliti, ang sarap, ang ganda ng pakiramdam. Maya-maya lang ay sinubo niya ang buong ulo, tapos inilabas niya tapos pinasok uli niya. Ginawa niya ito ng ilang ulit, I thought to myself – this guy knows how to tease AND please. Sa wakas, he started to put my cock, the entirety of it, in his mouth. He slowly slid the length of it in his mouth triggering his gag reflex, but he got control of it and went on. I’ve been blown a lot before, both by guys and gals, and this guy really knows how to give a blow job. He blew my head off completely. Labas masok ang titi ko sa bibig ni Ken, walang lumalabas sa aking bibig kundi ungol, halinghing at mura, “tang-ina Ken ang sarap mong sumuso. Sige pa.” At kapag titingin ako sa kanya ay kita ko sa kanyang mukha na siya ay natutuwa at labis na nage-enjoy sa kanyang ginagawa. Malingat-lingat ay titingin din siya pataas sa akin at ngingiti lang ako sa kanya, senyales na natutuwa ako sa kanyang ginagawa. Tumayo siya at tuluyang hinubad ang kanyang brief, lumantad sa aking harapan ang matigas na titi ni Ken. Mapula, nangingintab ang ulo nito dahil sa precum na naandun sa kanyang titi. Maugat din ito at higit sa lahat, tama ang hinala ko noong nandoon kami sa bike niya at natatamaan ako nito sa likuran, malaki ito. Para yata akong naglalaway at gusto ko itong isubo, ngunit iba ang kanyang plano. “Meron ka bang lotion, baby oil or something?” tanong niya sa akin.“KY jelly, okay ba yun sa iyo?” tugon ko naman.“Perfect, get it and I’ll be ready when you get back.”“I have a better idea, come with me.” I pulled him towards my bedroom where we can be comfortable doing it. I took the KY jelly from the medicine cabinet in the CR and a condom and went to the room. It was lit by a couple of little walls lights, just enough to make a romantic ambiance. I laid down on the bed and gave him the stuff. He sat beside me and suck my cock a little more, he was in a position where I can see his throbbing cock so I reached for it and stroke it. Masarap ang pakiramdam sa kamay ko ng titi niya. Although maraming ugat, soft and velvety and balat nito. Gusto ko na ngang sunggaban eh, kaya lang he started to put the condom on and a generous amount of lube. He also put some on his ass as well. He climbed on the bed and sat on top of me. He pointed my really stiff cock at his ass and started to sat on it and tried to insert it inside of him. Slowly he pushed until all of it was inside then he went up and down again. Slowly at first until he’s in a rhythm of his own. From the looks of it he’s enjoying it as much as I did. Paminsan-minsan ay tumitigil siya para halikan ako, at siguro para na rin hindi agad ako labasan. Tapos arangkada na naman siya, pataas at pababa. Minsang tumigil siya at hinalikan ako ay ako na mismo ang kumadyot sa kanya. Patuloy ang halikan naming habang ako naman ay kumakadyot sa kanya. I supported his back by putting my hand on his hips and one across his shoulder while I maneuvered to turn him on his back to fuck him again while me on top of him. I raised his legs way up in the air and placed them on my shoulder, placed a pillow under his butt and I started pumping again. Hard, I fucked him really hard. My eyes were closed because of the ecstasy that I was feeling but when I opened my them I saw Ken jerking his hard cock. Patuloy ang indayog ng aking balakang sa ibabaw ni Ken hanggang sa maramdaman ko na. “Lalabasan na ako.” Ayon lang ang nasabi ko. Parang automatic, bumilis ng bumilis ang aking pag-kadyot kay Ken hanggang sa labasan na nga ako. Pawisan akong napadapa sa dibdib ni Ken at naramdaman kong pawis na pawis din siya. Hindi ko pa inaalis ang medyo matigas ko pang titi sa butas ni Ken, hinayaan ko muna ito doon habang muli ko siyang hinalikan. Madiin, maniinit na halik. Tumayo ako, inalis ko ang condom na nakasuot sa malambot ko nang titi. Binalot ko sa tissue at pumunta ng closet para kumuha ng towel for Ken, inihagis ko sa kanya ito. “Come, let’s take a shower. We certainly needed one.” Ssbi ko sa kanya habang kinuha ko naman ang aking towel na nakasabit sa hook sa may likod ng pinto. Tumayo siya at kinuha ang aking kamay at sumunod siya sa akin papuntang bathroom.

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